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Infilms Productions

About Us

Manuel Barbosa (a.k.a. Infilms) is a fixer and producer with several years of experience that delivers a full range of production services for clients that require efficient and creative solutions. We believe it is an advantage for foreign production companies to shoot in Portugal due to its unique locations, good weather and production costs.

Our country’s cost-effective industry is proving increasingly attractive on many fronts. Shooting in Portugal is about 15% less expensive than in Spain and talent considerations in the country are also exceptional.


Infilms creates the ideal conditions to shoot either Tv commercials or feature films anywhere in mainland Portugal or in the islands of Azores and Madeira. We also have close ties with Africa and with the former Portuguese colonies of Angola and Mozambique. The variety of locations even reaches further including Morocco where the company has recently secured an alliance with a local production company.


The main objective is to stimulate foreign productions to shoot in Portugal offering in this manner quite a large choice of locations.

Team & Clients 

The clients that makes you we are.

Manuel Barbosa

Fixer & Producer

mob: +351 914 851 296

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Senior Marketing & Communications Prg. Manager at Synopsys

It was a real pleasure to work with Manuel Barbosa and his team in the production of a web-video for Synopsys Interface IP product line. He is very professional, extremely dedicated, and with very clear ideas on how to reach the goals of the project.

He's also a remarkable team player and very flexible, focused on the "get the job done" and bringing added value to the initial briefing, while at the same time being very open to suggestions. He was also available to implement additional versions and several edits to the video, that were asked on top of the initial briefing. 

We truly appreciated the video end-result and the quality time that we at Synopsys, spent together with Manuel and his team. I strongly recommend him as a high-quality provider for these projects.

Producer, Production Manager at NRK


A highly skilled professional co-producer with excellent services. Provide top-notch location services in Portugal, Lisbon. Descent agreements based upon realistic budgeting. Excellent leadership qualities.

Kevin Jen
Sharon Page