InFilms Portugal is a company with several years of experience that delivers a full range of production services for clients that require efficient and creative solutions. We believe it is an advantage for foreign production companies to shoot in Portugal due to its unique locations, good weather and production costs.


Our country’s cost effective industry is proving increasingly attractive on many fronts. Shooting in Portugal is about 15% less expensive than in Spain and talent considerations in the country are also exceptional.


InFilms Portugal creates the ideal conditions to shoot either Tv commercials or feature films anywhere in mainland Portugal or in the islands of Azores and Madeira. We also have close ties with Africa and with the former Portuguese colonies of Angola and Mozambique. The variety of locations even reaches further including Morocco where the company has recently secured an alliance with a local production company.


The main objective is to stimulate foreign productions to shoot in Portugal offering in this manner quite a large choice of locations.

You can downland our catalogue here.

"inFilms Portugal delivers a full range of production services for clients that requires efficient and creative solutions. It is an advantage for foreign production companies to shoot in Portugal due to our unique locations, good weather and production cost."

Creative Consultation

We find the right people to help you translate your ideas to paper and develop a unique artist direction.

Location Scouting

If we don’t have the Location you need on our database, we guarantee our Scouts will find it.

Equipment Rental

All the equipment you need for your films, one phone call away.

Budgeting and Financial

Our experienced Line Producers mane sure your protect is done in time and within budget.


We work with various Casting Agencies all over Europe and we also have excellent ties with several freelancing Casting Directors

Post Production Laboratories

All the Lab services you might need for both Digital and Film prints.

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    Set Construction

    Sound Recordists

    Steadicam Operators

    Storyboard Artists

    Stunt People

    Telecine Operators


It’s our opinion that filming in Portugal can be very advantageous for foreign production companies, namely because of our good weather and great natural beauty, featuring unique and varied landscapes that range from rustic villages surrounded by rugged mountains to bustling cities along our beautiful coastline.


Our robust Locations database covers the entire country and continues to expand every single day with fresh work from our Scouts.


Thanks to this constant scouting and cataloging we can easily find any locations you might need for your Production.

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